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Homework for Mr. DeCounter

By Sam Decounter

March 29, 2009

Homework for the week beginning: Dont Forget !!!! Parent Teacher Conference Thursday and Friday







Intro to Agriculture

Weekly Lesson objectives:

Students Will:


1. Describe the Food Label.

2. Describe the Nutrition Label

Comon Core Standard

English 11-12.RST.-.2
Science 9-12HS.ESS.3.3


Food Label Group Assignment



Food Saftey and Sanitation Quiz ( Pictures)


Handout Food Saftey



Weekly Lesson objectives:

Students Will:

1.  Desribe and Label the parts of a food Label.

2. Create a new food from existing food.

3. Discribe how a food Label is made and it's uses.

4. Review Food Saftey and Sanitation.


Common Core Standards:

English 11-12.RST.-.5
Science 9-12HS.ESS.2.7


Food Label Project


Food Saftey Quiz





Food Label Project

Aroma Quiz





Ag Occupations

Weekly Lesson objectives:

Students Will:

1. Identify the parts of flowers and explain their functions.

2. Compare and contrast the types of flowers.

3. Define inflorescence and describe the types of inflorescences.

4. Define fruit and describe its functions.

5. Compare and contrast the basic types of fruits and identify examples of each.

6. Examine fruit development and maturation and identify the parts of a fruit.

7. Describe how seedless fruits are produced.

Common Core Standards:

English 11-12.SL.-.6
Science 9-12HS.LS.1.2





Quiz Basic Crops



Basic Crop Quiz

Weed Quiz

Flower Parts Quiz


Ag Business

Weekly Lesson objectives:

Students Will:

1.Describe who consumes agricultural products.

2.Explain how agricultural commodities are consumed.

3.Describe consumer preferences and trends.

4. Explain how to identify customers, and examine methods used to maintain a customer base.

5.Determine how to effectively deal with customer complaints.

6.Describe basic telephone skills for current and prospective customers.

Common Core Standards

English 11-12.RI.4.10


Redo on Business Marketing Plans

Doing Face To Face Sales- Project- Script


Doing Face to Face Sales Project- Telephone Sales


Natural Resources and Wildlife Managment2

Weekly Lesson objectives:

Students Will:

1.Explain the history of wildlife conservation.

2.Describe the national policies that impact wildlife conservation.

3.Identify historical people related to wildlife conservation.

4. Describe the values of wildlife.

5. Define wildlife conservation and wildlife management.

Common Core Standards:




Famous Conservationist Project

Handout - Wildlife Conservation Packet




Quiz Wildlife Laws

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