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Homework for Mr. DeCounter

By Sam Decounter

March 29, 2009

Homework for the week beginning:







Intro to Agriculture

Weekly Lesson objectives:

Students Will:

1. Desribe the three parts of the POA

2.  Describe all Proficiency Areas

3. Recall the parts of the emblem

4. Describe the Motto, Missions Statement and Colors of the FFA

Comon Core Standard



Emblem ProjectDue






Proficiency Handout due



Weekly Lesson objectives:

Students Will:

1. Describe the Components of Soil

2. Distinguish between the major parts of the Soil Profile

3.Indentify 5 factors involved in soil formation

4.Indentify factors that affect soil color.

5. use the soil textural triangle and ribbon method

Common Core Standards:

English 11-12.RST.-.5
Science 9-12HS.ESS.2.7




Ten terms Unit two

Handout Soil profile Quiz

Lab Soil Texture


Quiz Soil Profile and Texture


Begin SAEP

Ag Occupations

Weekly Lesson objectives:

Students Will:

1. Define terms used to describe equines, and identify the parts of an equine animal.

2. Differentiate between the types of equines.

3.Define “hand” and distinguish between ponies, light horses, and draft horses.

4. Describe the common uses of horses, and analyze the importance and impact of the horse industry on the economy.

5.Compare and contrast the most popular breeds of ponies, light horses, and draft horses.

6. Determine the facilities, equipment, and supplies required for the proper care of horses.

Common Core Standards:

English 11-12.RST.-.2
Science 9-12HS.ESS.3.3




Horse Parts Handout


Horse Evaluation Project



Equine Digestion Handout


Begin SAEP

Ag Business

Weekly Lesson objectives:

Students Will:

1. Define agribusiness, and describe the sectors of agribusiness.

2. Determine the scope and the economic impact of the agriculture industry at the local, state, national, and international levels.

3. Describe characteristics of a sole proprietorship.

4 Describe characteristics of a partnership.

5. Describe characteristics of a corporation

6. Describe characteristics of a cooperative.

Common Core Standards

English 11-12.RI.4.10




Group Work- Business Structures

Project: What would Happen



Quiz Business Structures.


Begin SAEP


Natural Resources and Wildlife Managment2

Weekly Lesson objectives:

Students Will:

1. Distinguish between natural resources and environmental systems.

2.Explain the classifications of natural resources.

3.Explain the importance of conservation and preservation.

4.Examine the history and purpose of the National Park Service.

5.Examine the U.S. Forest Service.

6.Examine the history of the Environmental Protection Agency.

7.Describe the organizational structure of the Environmental Protection Agency.

8.Explain the mission of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Common Core Standards:



Chapter 2 Handout

Forestry Toold Project


Lab Compass use

Quiz Forestry tools

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